Our BAC Annual Meeting is planned for Tuesday November 17th at 7:30pm. (Formal notice document). This will be primarily an online event but we will allow some structured in-person attendance if Victorian laws allow.

This page contains everything you need to have full and transparent participation in this aspect of BAC governance.

If you have any questions or need help, please call the BAC Office on (03) 9707 1105 or email via info@berwickanglicanchurch.org.au.

Annual Reports Booklet:

The parish Annual Reports booklet will be published here near the end of October 2020.

We are happy to post a paper copy of the Annual Reports booklet upon request via the office.

The reports booklet will have the full staff reports, statistics, financials, wardens and building reports (similar to 2019). In 2020 we will not be publishing the supplementary reports for the ministry groups of the parish.

Parish Electoral Roll

Anyone can attend and participate in the Annual Meeting. However to be nominated to a position, propose a motion, or vote, then you need to be on the Parish Electoral Roll. (this is a distinct from the parish phone directory).

Please call the BAC Office on (03) 9707 1105 or email via info@berwickanglicanchurch.org.au to check if you are on the current roll.

You can apply to be on the electoral roll online here (COMING SOON).

Public inspection of the electoral roll: You can contact the office to be given an electronic copy of the electoral roll.

Nominations for Elected Positions

The parish council meets monthly for big picture governance and oversight of the parish. It is chaired by the Vicar and made up of churchwardens and general members. Other BAC clergy attend as non-voting participants.

The BAC Annual Meeting appoints 2 wardens and up to 6 members of Parish Council. The Vicar appoints 1 warden and some Parish Council members. The term of office is one year.

The Annual Meeting also appoints 2 members to the Parish Incumbency Committee. This committee is used when required as part of a wider Diocesan process to renew or appoint a new parish Vicar.

If you would like to nominate for one of these positions, please fill out the form here (COMING SOON). Alternatively call the office for postal options. Nominations close on Tuesday November 10th 2020.

The details of 2020 nominations will appear here at least one week before the meeting.

Multiple Options to Participate in the Annual Meeting:

Similar to previous years, we will prioritise answers to questions that are submitted in advance of the meeting (ideally one week in advance). Please submit your questions via the BAC office.

Any voting will take place via SMS message to a special number. You will need to have your mobile phone correct in the parish office details. If this is not an option for you please contact the Office for alternatives.

You can watch the Annual Meeting live via Youtube here:

Participate via Zoom Video Conference:

The Zoom Annual Meeting link is: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82706022852

Those who connect via Zoom link above will have the extra option of being able to participate and speak during the meeting.

For those without computers: You can listen live on your landline or mobile phone by ringing this Melbourne Zoom phone number on the night: (03) 7018 2005 (do not ring beforehand!)

Previous Berwick Annual Meetings

We have an online page of PDF Berwick Annual Meeting Reports.

This link also has some BAC vision documents and other papers related to church growth and mission.