Our Annual Meeting was held on Sunday 19th November at 12pm at Berwick Anglican Church (55 Peel Street, Berwick).

You Can Access the 2023 Annual Reports Booklet by clicking here.

You may also be interested to view the Annual Reports Booklet of our daughter church: Proclaim Anglican Church which is available here – https://www.proclaim.org.au/annual-meetings/

Previous Annual Meetings

2022 Annual Reports Booklet (click here).

2021 BAC Annual Reports Booklet (click here).

We have an online page of PDF Berwick Annual Meeting Reports.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

>What happens at an Annual Meeting?

The Annual Meeting is an opportunity for us to gather together and to hear about the life and work of Berwick Anglican Church, reflect on the past year, and consider the future.

Before the Annual Meeting people can nominate for a leadership role, so that then during the meeting these candidates can be voted on.

>How can I get a copy of the Annual Reports?

You can download a copy of this years Annual Reports Booklet here when it is published in early November.

If someone is not able to access the Annual Reports electronically they may request a printed hardcopy. Call the office to request a print copy on (03) 9707 1105.

>Who can vote at the Annual Meeting?

Anyone can attend and participate in the Annual Meeting. However to be nominated to a position, propose a motion, or vote, you need to be on the Parish Electoral Roll. (this is distinct from the parish phone directory).

Please call the BAC Office on (03) 9707 1105 or email via info@berwickanglicanchurch.org.au to check if you are on the current roll.

You can apply to be on the electoral roll online here (CLICK HERE).

Public inspection of the electoral roll: You can contact the office to be given an electronic copy of the electoral roll.

>What are the roles that can be nominated for?

The parish council meets monthly for big picture governance and oversight of the parish. It is chaired by the Vicar and made up of churchwardens and general members. Other BAC clergy attend as non-voting participants.

The BAC Annual Meeting appoints 2 wardens and up to 6 members of Parish Council. The Vicar appoints 1 warden and some Parish Council members. The term of office is one year.

The Annual Meeting also appoints 2 members to the Parish Incumbency Committee. This committee is used when required as part of a wider Diocesan process to renew or appoint a new parish Vicar.