10:30am BAC Youth Foundations Bible Study Zoom Conference

This event is open to all congregations (8:30am, 10:15am and 5pm) and newcomers so if you have family aged Grade 6 to Year 12, please create an account at https://zoom.us/ – you can use a laptop, home PC, or mobile phone app. 

The link to the online meeting is:    823-682-526

Please use your full name and have video switched on to help with identification.

To access the Foundations bible study materials online you will need a google account. If you don’t have one you can create one for free at: https://accounts.google.com/signup/v2/webcreateaccount?hl=en&flowName=GlifWebSignIn&flowEntry=SignUp

Then visit classroom.google.com; the Google Classroom Class code is: oz7pohb

Parents and pets welcome!

Academy Friday Night Youth Group

Berwick Anglican Church’s Friday Night Academy Youth Group has a growing and thriving culture that strives to be a community that loves Jesus and makes him known. As cross shaped people we love Jesus and want him to be at the centre of our lives. We seek to be a community that is:
– growing in Christ
– growing in the Word
– growing in prayer
– growing in mission

The timing of a normal youth group night runs from 7-9pm and looks like:
– we gather together and welcome all to another night at youth
– we are reminded of our purpose and vision
– we are introduced to the topic for the night
– we hang out
– we play games
– we hear from God’s word
– we think through God’s word and share our thoughts together in small groups
– we pray together
– we reflect on what God is teaching us

If you are grade 6 all the way through to year 12, we invite you to come and join us. Here is our latest term info.

March 15th Update: The final Academy Youth for term 1 on March 20th is cancelled. See you in term 2!

Academy Youth Facebook

Academy Youth Instagram

Find us on Snapchat @ bacacademyyouth.

Foundations Sunday Morning Bible Study

Berwick Anglican Church’s Foundations Bible Study runs every Sunday during our 10:15am service throughout the school term. This Bible study is held for youth in grades 6-9.

A normal foundations bible study session looks like:

– we gather in the church portable
– we play a warm up game
– we are introduced to the study topic
– we read the Bible together
– we share openly our thoughts and ideas about the study
– we pray together

We believe this time is essential as it builds up our youth to understand the Gospel better and promotes spiritual growth in their lives.