Friday Night Academy Youth Connect

Friday Night Academy Youth is back weekly for Academy Youth via zoom. The zoom room opens at 6:50pm.

Download the flyer, print it, and put it up somewhere at home! Click here to print or download the program to your device now.

Academy Youth Friday Nights Zoom Meeting Information:
Meeting ID: 863-1561-7747

10:30am BAC Youth Foundations Bible Study Zoom Conference

We’re back for Term 3! Open to all who have family aged Grade 6 to Year 12 via Zoom.

Zoom meeting
Meeting ID: 713 1576 5962
Passcode: 6rLCrs

Please use your full name and have video switched on to help with identification.

To access the Foundations bible study materials online you will need a google account. If you don’t have one you can create one for free at:

Then visit; the Google Classroom Class code is: oz7pohb

Parents and pets welcome!

Academy Friday Night Youth Group

Berwick Anglican Church’s Friday Night Academy Youth Group has a growing and thriving culture that strives to be a community that loves Jesus and makes him known. As cross shaped people we love Jesus and want him to be at the centre of our lives. We seek to be a community that is:
– growing in Christ
– growing in the Word
– growing in prayer
– growing in mission

The timing of a normal youth group night runs from 7-9pm and looks like:
– we gather together and welcome all to another night at youth
– we are reminded of our purpose and vision
– we are introduced to the topic for the night
– we hang out
– we play games
– we hear from God’s word
– we think through God’s word and share our thoughts together in small groups
– we pray together
– we reflect on what God is teaching us

If you are grade 6 all the way through to year 12, we invite you to come and join us. Here is our latest term info.

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Foundations Sunday Morning Bible Study

Berwick Anglican Church’s Foundations Bible Study runs every Sunday during our 10:15am service throughout the school term. This Bible study is held for youth in grades 6-9.

A normal foundations bible study session looks like:

– we gather in the church portable
– we play a warm up game
– we are introduced to the study topic
– we read the Bible together
– we share openly our thoughts and ideas about the study
– we pray together

We believe this time is essential as it builds up our youth to understand the Gospel better and promotes spiritual growth in their lives.